Happily average

“I want to play hockey,” I announced to my mother at age 11.   My enthusiasm to partake was not backed up by any kind of natural ability for the sport.  Any sport, for that matter. Several years and a lot of practice sessions later I had elevated my status to “not picked last”.  I was … Continue reading Happily average

Jared Leto

I’m usually pretty good at holding up one end of a conversation but something about interacting with someone recognisable makes turns me into my alter ego, “Bumbles”. Celebrity personalities make me morph from shy but mildly-charming conversationalist to creepy, incoherent stalker and as a result I’ve had many embarrassing run-ins with the famed over the … Continue reading Jared Leto

Sabie – part 2

After the drama of the journey to Sabie, things started to look up. The relaxing part of the holiday had finally begun as we made camp and cracked open our first drink.  We were planning on spending the majority of our time under our brand new gazebo and  set up our gear here accordingly.  Chairs, … Continue reading Sabie – part 2

Sabie – part 1

Ever since I was really young, my family has always taken the road less travelled.  I mean this in the most literal sense.  Whenever going on holiday, while the rest of Johannesburg was queuing in traffic down the N3 to Durban, we would take the route via-via, taking three times as long to get there, … Continue reading Sabie – part 1

Lu Dowell

I worked for Lu Dowell Representations for 6 years.  Back in 2008 the business turned 21 years old, which by anyone’s standards is a pretty impressive feat for a small business.  An industry-wide party was hosted to celebrate and each staff member was asked to say a few words.  My penchant to make things rhyme … Continue reading Lu Dowell

No good deed…

It's no secret that Jack Russells have got no peripheral vision.  Actually, if we’re completely honest, they have no vision at all unless a ball enters their line of sight.  It’s thanks to this fact that I received a gentle ABS-induced foot massage as one of these tiny white-and-brown, essentially blind, speed-balls ran in front of … Continue reading No good deed…

Too late

Getting ready to go out is a very quick 10 minute process in our house.  It usually goes along the lines of:  complain about the fact we have plans, get off the couch, put on shoes, brush hair, search for phone, avoid eye contact with the dogs, leave. But for some reason that evening everything … Continue reading Too late