Lu Dowell


I worked for Lu Dowell Representations for 6 years.  Back in 2008 the business turned 21 years old, which by anyone’s standards is a pretty impressive feat for a small business.  An industry-wide party was hosted to celebrate and each staff member was asked to say a few words.  My penchant to make things rhyme turned “speech” into “poem”.  Here it is.

21 years ago, 87 to be exact

The small business industry Lu had just cracked

Miluska and Lu – they were just two

But it wasn’t too long till the company grew

Michell joined, and then little Kathy

They were like a family, all cheerful and happy

Staff came and went – they never quite stuck

But employing Heidi was a grand stroke of luck

Then along came Megan, most witty of all

Our staff had outgrown those four tiny walls

Gathered our things and to Randburg we went

Where we unpacked all our files, not broken and bent

Lu said “Space to expand”, if I correctly remember

And Sacha was added as our latest member

Airlines and tickets, quoting galore

Who said the Travel industry was a great bore?

Air Seychelles is our latest addition

Another brilliant “Lu” business decision

‘Cause now we have Deon, Jinine and Cathleen

Three diligent workers on the LDR team

Bongi and Janet, and dear sweet Hermina

To come to the office, they couldn’t be keener

The last one to join – Nellita’s her name

She started last week, and we’re glad that she came

But life is not always a soft bed of roses

With Lu trying to teach us to see past our noses

A slap on the wrist, we sometimes do get

To make sure that our clients’ needs are all met

She spoils us rotten when she goes away

Lu even thinks about us on holiday

Remembering to always bring us presents

Receiving them from her is always quite pleasant

When you think of all we’ve put her through

She still loves us no matter what we do

I’m having a heart attack, I’m pregnant, I’m gay

Exciting announcements are all just part of our day

You can’t surprise Lu, that is no lie

She just stares at you and says “well, my, my, my”

Always good for a party, especially at Christmas

If she ever had to retire, I’m sure she would miss us

She means a lot, but most importantly dear

Without LDR, I would have no career

So please raise your glasses as I propose a toast

To Lu Dowell, our elegant host

A mentor, a friend, caring and kind

May you success on your doorstep always find

21 years in the business, not many can beat

Congratulations from us all on this incredible feat

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