Welcome to Music Mondays

I love music.  There is no other way to state it but in that plain, 3-word statement.  I love music. No other medium is so widely and freely available around the world.  History is recounted through it.  Ancient cultures are kept alive through it. Political movements are based on it.   It's used in moments of … Continue reading Welcome to Music Mondays

Hypnotised Chickens

Don't let life hypnotise you like some kind of chicken.

Fedoras in a washing machine

We're all a little warped...

Leave Out All The Rest

Insert CD into player Press play The scratchy turntable intro with its accompanying guitar riff hooks you before the rhythm section kicks in suddenly and blows out your tiny CD player’s 20 Watt speakers.  Mike Shinoda provides an introductory lesson to rap before Chester Bennington comes crashing in at the chorus.  You’re now officially working … Continue reading Leave Out All The Rest

Knitting, a car battery and the “Big Five”

Photo disclaimer - these pictures were taken during a terribly unnecessary scrap-booking phase and are therefore weird shapes.  Apologies for the poor quality… Background info “A” My mother loves to knit - so much so that a few years ago she had to be treated for bursitis in her shoulder.  (For those without a medical … Continue reading Knitting, a car battery and the “Big Five”

Settle, Petal – nothing’s perfect

I’m not the world’s worst photographer.  I’m not exactly a professional either.  My camera is usually on “auto” and it’s rarely that I fiddle with settings.  Start talking about aperture or shutter speed and my eyes literally glaze over.  I do enjoy snapping pictures though, so a few years ago, in an effort to try … Continue reading Settle, Petal – nothing’s perfect


In the last few months my life has been a lot like a spinning top that’s running out of speed - it’s still spinning but it’s starting to wobble and it’s just a matter of time before it falls over. To try and get it righted again action needs to be taken, so I decided … Continue reading Magoebaskloof