Hypnotised Chickens

Photo by Berend from Pexels
Photo by Berend from Pexels

Being one of the youngest and super introverted family members, it was always a struggle for my cousins to find something to do with me when we visited them at their plot.  Generally at some stage of the visit, I’d be taken down to the chicken hutch and for my amusement, they would “hypnotise the chickens”.

Sounds like a tall story, but it’s really quite easy to hypnotise a chicken.  Once you have one in-hand (catching it is the hard part), you lay it gently on it’s side and slowly stroke it from it’s head down the length of its body.  Once it’s settled, you use the other hand and at the same time as the body stroke, you draw a line away from its eyes. The whole process only takes a minute or two.  To wake them up, you simply clap your hands – BANG – and off they go again.

Over the last couple of years, I have attended a disturbing number of funerals, wakes and memorial services.  Despite all being tear-jerkers, one thing they all have in common is some sort of urge for the people left behind to live life to its fullest.  It’s usually during this part of the proceedings that I find myself thinking of those chickens and how in many ways we are not unlike them.

We all get so caught up in the day-to-day drag of life, rushing to and from work, keeping on top of bills and various side projects, juggling the washing, cooking and cleaning before we collapse in a heap on the sofa and fall asleep in front of the TV every night – just like hypnotised chickens.  It takes something as traumatic as the death of a loved one to wake us up from our hypnosis.

BANG – “we’d better start living a little before we end up like poor old Susie!”

Don’t wait for your next funeral attendance to recommit to doing something worthwhile with your life.  Go out right now to experience something new – make new connections with the world, play with your kids, take your dogs for a walk, pick up a hobby, start a blog, do that “one thing” that you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to.  

Whatever you do, resist the urge to let life hypnotise you like you’re some sort of chicken – it tends to do so more quickly and easily than you realise.

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