Welcome to Music Mondays

Music is life

I love music.  There is no other way to state it but in that plain, 3-word statement.  I love music.

No other medium is so widely and freely available around the world.  History is recounted through it.  Ancient cultures are kept alive through it. Political movements are based on it.   It’s used in moments of great joy and overwhelming sorrow.  It can both unite and divide.   It can expose us to point of view different from our own and even spark conversation, all to the backdrop of melody and rhythm.  Music makes us happy, sad, angry, inspired and everything in between.  It can be used to describe the human condition through the ages.  Music is a language that can communicate across nationality, gender, age, race, sexual orientation, ethnic background, religious affiliation, income bracket and transcend even words themselves.

There is not a single moment in life that cannot be highlighted, accented or underlined by music.  It is such a powerful medium that often a certain melody or set of lyrics takes you back to a specific moment or event in your life that has, somehow, been forever linked to a simple arrangement of musical notes.  

In a nutshell, music is life.  And I’m obsessed with it.

I grew up in a house where the radio was always on, tuned to a station playing either classical music or some sort of “Golden Oldie” (WWII-era music, the likes of Vera Lynn and Co. along with the “Crooners”).  Movies we watched were generally musical too – all the Rogers/ Hammerstein and Sherman Brothers classics (among others, Jungle Book had a particularly big impact on me).  Dad played piano and I took lessons from the age of 6, which came with accompanying music theory instruction.  Sometime during high school I picked up guitar and taught myself some basics of that too. Settle though – I was way too “not bothered” to practise, so I was never really any good at either of them.  (I do, however, still play a really mean “air guitar”).

I got my first CD player for my 13th birthday and that opened up an entire new world for me as I slowly took charge of the type of music I listened to.  It morphed from classical and oldies through a boy-band phase (don’t judge me…), 90’s pop-rock to grunge, RnB, electronica, folk, alternative and heavy rock, splashes of metal here and there, a trip backwards to the beginning of all modern music, “The Blues”, moving forward through the musical revolutions of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  Most recently I’ve even started dabbling in certain sub-genres of jazz!  To say I have a wide and eclectic taste is a mild understatement.

“Yes, yes -it’s all lovely and interesting and everything, but why are you telling me this?” 

Well, because moving forward I am dedicating anything posted on Monday to my favourite subject of them all – music.  Music Mondays, if you will.

I’ll be covering a wide array of genres and topics as I share some thoughts, opinions, reviews, personal insights & stories, pointless “projects” and lists (music folk love lists) of the things that I’m listening to, thinking about, researching and poking around with.  

Before you yawn and hit unsubscribe,  I’ll still be posting my travel stories, quasi-inspirational musings and other random bits-n-bobs about my life in my other posts.  And you never know – you might find a new appreciation for a piece of music you already know or even learn something new…  In all likelihood you’ll end up teaching me something I didn’t know – while I might be a handy teammate at a music-based pub quiz, I’m only an “armchair expert” on the subject, after all.  Either way, it’s my passion and perhaps some will rub off…  I do hope you stick around to find out.

Music is better when it’s shared

The only thing I love more than listening to music is talking about it and I’d love to hear from you on the subject as we embark on this little musical journey…  Because music is always better when it’s shared!

So, until next week, keep listening!

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