Just do one

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In January this year, for the first time since our lapse into the 21st century, a crack appeared in my discipline.

For almost 15 years, come rain, shine, hail, cold fronts and heat waves, traffic, flat tyres, exam schedules, deadlines and ½ price movie nights – nothing could keep me from my self-imposed commitment.  My routine was like clockwork as I walked through the gym turnstile with a regularity that would put a Swiss watch to shame.   

The struggle is real

The reasons for my sudden and ongoing lack of motivation remains a mystery.  Perhaps it started with the annual “new years resolutioners” crush making access to parking spaces and any open equipment near impossible.  Or maybe it was fact that after pushing myself at a nonsensical intensity since my “hockey announcement”, I was simply burnt out.  

Reading, chilling on my chair in the garden and meditating (all of which, incidentally, require very little movement) are all ranking higher on my priority list lately.  The me of yesteryear would have been running on a treadmill rather than running a blog too…

Just do one

I obviously don’t want to find myself on the wrong side of a heart attack someday and so I have taken a new approach – I call it “just do one”.  I’ve started applying it to several other areas of my life too and it has really helped on days where motivation levels are low, time is short or the answer would otherwise have been a giant “nope”.  

Don’t feel like going to gym today?  That’s ok – I’ll just do one push-up.

Don’t feel like writing today?  No worries – I’ll just type one sentence.

Don’t feel like cleaning the house?  All good – I’ll just dust this one shelf.

Don’t feel like meditating today?  Fine – I’ll just focus on my breathing for one minute.

It ends up adding up

I have found that once I’ve made the effort to just do one I might as well carry on.  This usually results in a full workout, a half decent page of writing, a clean and tidy space and quieted mind.  And even on days where the answer really is “nope”, I’ve still managed to to one push-up, write one sentence, dust one shelf and be mindful of my breathing for 60 seconds.  

Whatever the activity, just doing one thing consistently over time eventually leaves us streets ahead of where we would otherwise have been if we’d opted instead for doing less.  It all adds up.

Perhaps you’re like me and struggling to currently find time or motivation for (or enjoyment in) something that should otherwise be beneficial to your overall well-being.  If so, I highly recommend trying the “just do one” strategy. You might find it helps you out of the slump. If not, you’ve still at least done that one thing – and that is nothing to be sniffed at.

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