Five of my favourite travel memories

Between my tangle with authorities at the Colombian border and my doomed camping trip to Sabie, I seem to have only ever posted about my travel disasters.  I thought I’d mix things up this week with a post detailing a few of my highlights. While by no means a complete list (I had trouble selecting just 5), here are some unforgettable moments from my travels.

Taekwondo class in Seychelles

taekwondo seychelles
An afternoon well spent in the Seychelles!

Think of Seychelles and usually images of granite boulders, powder-sand beaches and azure waters would be the first thing that springs to mind.  In charge of a group of travel agents on a trip to the islands, I did get to revel in all of that picture-postcard stuff. However a major highlight of this trip came from a chat I had with a guide who worked at the resort we were staying at.  

The conversation turned to the fighting arts and as things would turn out, he was a highly ranked dan-grade at a local Taekwondo club.  Having had several soirees into various Martial Arts over the years, Taekwondo is not one that I ever dabbled in.  He invited me to join him for a class at his club on Mahe.  It was an awesome way to spend the afternoon!

White-water rafting in Austrian Tyrol

white water rafting

If you’ve read my expectations vs reality travel post, you would already know about some of the drama I experienced while travelling around Europe in my early 20’s.  Of course, this trip was not without its highlights, one of which was definitely White Water rafting in Austria.

The weather had turned bitterly cold, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of those taking part – especially when we were each handed a tumbler of whisky to warm us up as we emerged from the freezing river.  Two days later, most of us were sick, but we’re keeping this post positive, so more on that in a later post, perhaps!

Seeing Linkin Park perform in London

linkin park
Hanging out with Paola and Linkin Park

Over the years, you build some amazing relationships with some of the people you work with.  One such example of colleague-turned-lifelong-friend is my friend Paola.  Despite the fact that I live in South Africa and she calls Bolivia home, many years of correspondence resulted in a wonderful friendship and we would take every opportunity to hang out together at various international trade fairs.  

In November 2010, the stars aligned and we both happened to be in London at the same time as Linkin Park. What ensued was the most fantastic evening of music shared with my “sister from another Mr”.

Helicopter flip in Reunion

reunion helicopter 1
Reunion Island helicopter flight

Reunion Island is the Indian Oceans’ answer to Hawaii.  Sporting an active volcano, stunning, mountainous scenery and quaint French villages (ok, fair enough, French villages are not very Hawaiian), it is a dream destination for those wanting something more from an island than simply lying on the beach.

The highlight of the trip was a helicopter flight over the the three calderas on the island’s interior before flipping out over the ocean.  What. A. Ride!

reunion helicopter 2
Reunion coastline from the helicopter

“Walking in Memphis”

Hollywood inside
“The Hollywood”

Although I’ve written about this one before, for those who perhaps did not see that post, I managed to visit all the sites and sights mentioned in Marc Cohn’s famous song, “Walking in Memphis”.  I have a keen interest in the inspiration behind song lyrics, and it was really something special to see these come to life.

Using this song as a sort of tour guide, I saw some of the most important and historical places in Memphis.  It was quite something to see the actual “Muriel’s piano” at the Hollywood Bar.  Definitely one of my favourite trips!

Hollywod piano
Muriel’s Piano

So there you go – I’m not a complete travel disaster!

As always feel free to share your travel stories in the comments below – I’d love to read them!

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