The Random Post: “Snakey”

Name:  Molly

Molly the dog
Don’t let my cutey-pie face fool you.  I’m actually really annoying.

Colour: Brown

Breath: Stinky

Special talents:  The back-flip ball catch

Annoying habits:  French kissing unsuspecting humans

Name:  Masked Weaver

Weavers.  Natures’ little strippers…

Colour:  Black and yellow

Call:  Tweet tweet

Special talents:  Weaving

Annoying habits:  Stripping leaves off branches

Fun fact about Weavers:

Much like a lot of people I know, Weavers are terrified of snakes.  Therefore to protect their nests, they spend a fair amount of time stripping leaves off of all the branches in the immediate vicinity.

It is difficult for snakes to slide along really thin branches with nothing to provide any grip and so, for the Weavers, the possibility of a home invasion is reduced.  Minimised vegetation also means they are able to see danger approaching in the event any sneaky reptile happened to acquire the required circus skills to make it to the birds’ nests.

So, onward with the story of “Snakey”…

In my folks’ back garden stands a monster of an Acacia tree.  It’s branches span a massive area – my best estimate is a diameter of 10 metres.  The swimming pool lies beneath it, in a position that can be described as “not ideal”.  Not ideally, the tree also provides a great place for the resident Weavers to build their nests.  They spend their time happily stripping leaves which fall into the pool below, clogging up the filter.

This was obviously infuriating for dad, who spent hours cleaning the pool, only for the birds to undo all his hard work in a matter of minutes.  So he came up with an ingenious plan.  He bought a toy rubber snake and attached it to the branches of the tree in an effort to scare “those bloody birds” away.

Real or rubber?  Snakey was actually distressingly realistic.

As the tree was so tall, he was not able to get the snake high enough to disturb the Weavers, so it ended up lying on the patio.

This is where Molly found it

Now, Molly enjoys playing.  She has all sorts of toys ranging from a selection of balls to squeaky plastic hedgehogs – she will play with whatever she thinks you will enjoy throwing for her.

On this particular day, she discovered the rubber snake.  We all though this was hilarious.  We played tug-o-war and fetch, all the while shouting “Snakey!  Snakey!“.  It became a bit of a ritual when we arrived at my folks to ask the dog “where’s Snakey?” and giggled with delight when she ran outside to fetch it.

A few weeks later, we had a terrible realisation.  We had essentially taught our dog to find and retrieve a snake. 

The thought that one day she’d potentially bring a real snake into the house never crossed anyone’s minds until that moment.  Snakey was quickly retired and we reverted to using less potentially-deadly items while playing with her.

So, where is Snakey now?  We have no idea.  We hope that Molly has forgotten about it too, however we all still ponder not only our stupidity but the idea of running into a real, live “Snakey” sliding around the house.



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