Portraits of Places

I’ve probably said it a million times. “People drive me crazy.”

I’d much prefer wiling away my days in a tiny hut in a secluded location. Alas, I live in one of the busiest cities on the African continent instead. Go figure!

They’re not all bad, though, I guess

A few years ago I travelled to Ireland. Asking someone who’d been there what I should expect to experience, the answer I got reminded me of asking someone in 1999 what the movie “The Matrix” was about. I was told, “you have to see it for yourself“.

Having been there, I can quite understand what they meant

It was during my trip to Ireland that I realised that nothing quite embodies the spirit of a destination like its people. Chatting to them paints a vivid portrait of a place, leaving you with a deeper appreciation of wherever it is you’ve travelled to.

As homage to some of the characters I’ve met (and hopefully for your viewing pleasure too), I thought I’d share some of the pictures I’ve taken of people I’ve spent time with on my travels.

Can you guess which countries these are from? (Hint – none are from Ireland)! Let me know in the comments section!

2 thoughts on “Portraits of Places

  1. Laureen Pearce says:

    Well, the first photo is obvious: South Africa, then Italy (Venice to be exact). The next two photos I don’t know, then it’s Morocco, India and Argentina. You’ve really been to some interesting places around the world.

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