#1: Chantelle Browne & the Business of Sustainable Travel

Today I’m “on the Mic” with my mate Chantelle.

We met on the job around 8 years ago and it became pretty evident early on in our friendship that Chantelle is super passionate about life in the great outdoors.

We chat about why she decided to leave the corporate travel industry and start her own business, what “Sustainable Travel” actually is, how you’ve possibly unknowingly supported canned-hunting.


Show Notes

Barking Wild is a travel and lifestyle business offering tailor-made Southern Africa wildlife experiences along with an array of “local is lekker” products in the online store.

Find Chantelle on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or subscribe to her blog.

You can read more about some of the organisations Chantelle mentions in our discussion, namely White Shark Projects, The TreadRight Foundation and the Blood Lions Pledge

“On the Mic with Megan” intro / outro music created by Joseph McDade

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