#3: Mario Sequeira & the Business of Karate (part 1)

Everybody you meet has some sort of impact on your life. No truer words can be said of Sensei Mario Sequeira, who has touched the lives of thousands of students who have passed through the doors of his dojo.

I chatted with Mario about how his business grew from a small club of only 7 students to what it is now – one of the dojos leading the charge to bring the traditional Goju-Ryu style of karate to South Africa.


Show Notes

Quote: You only have 100% energy and focusing on your weaknesses will take away from your strengths.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t focus on your weaknesses, but you should also accept that there are things that you’re not good at or accept things that you are not meant to be doing in this life.

Quote: I chose not to reinvent the wheel.  All I did was took what had worked for them and improved on what they had because I had a starting point.

Quote: (About following your passion) Worst advice ever!

Quote: People are trying to take their passion and turn it into work, instead of finding something that’s valuable, doing it so well that it becomes your passion.

Quote: I think people focus on numbers.  They don’t focus on people.

Quote: There is no “way”.  There is “this is the way today”, but tomorrow it might be different.

Quote: I was never close to the top – there were such talented people in my class.  Throughout the years, I was always mediocre……  They all got black belt before me and it hurt……  But I continued and karate chose me.  Today none of them went past first dan; none of them do karate anymore……  It’s not always the most talented, sometimes it’s just persistence.

Quote: I truly believe the future of good business is going to be moral business – running business for a good reason other than the bottom line.

TedX Talk: “To find work you love, don’t follow your passion”

Find out more about Sensei Mario and Palm Court Karate on their website or by checking out their Facebook page.

My intro / outro music was created by Joseph McDade

2 thoughts on “#3: Mario Sequeira & the Business of Karate (part 1)

  1. Fantastic! Clinton and Mario have much in common! I handle most of the finances for Clinton’s business too. I must get him to listen to the podcast too.

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