#4: Mario Sequeira & the Business of Karate (part 2)

This is the second half of my interview with Sensei Mario Sequeira of Palm Court Karate.

In this part of our chat, we delved a little more into what differentiates Goju-Ryu from other styles of karate and how its philosophies are relevant to everyday life.


Show Notes:

Quote: If you’re having a bad day, no one else should know about it. The definition of a professional is performing even when they don’t feel like it.

Quote: In Okinawa… you trained why, not how.

Quote: The philosophy of Goju-Ryu comes in its name – “hard and gentle“… By its nature it’s balance… We use that philosophy for everything in life… The hard is the easy part and the gentle is the difficult part.

Quote: It’s an absolute sign of weakness; an absolute sign of lack of confidence in yourself when you revert to violence first.

Quote: I think martial arts is fighting against your own ego.

Quote: I think we’re not quiet enough and therefore we’re not hearing things… I advocate a bit of quiet time.

Quote: There is no “one person” who can teach you everything… The only person is you, and you need to research.

Find out more about Sensei Mario and Palm Court Karate on their website or by checking out their Facebook page.

My intro / outro music was created by Joseph McDade

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