Recommended Read: The 4-Hour Work Week

4 hour work week cover on wooden table

Over the last few months, as I’ve been journeying towards making my business sustainable, I have been reading a lot of books to find better ways of doing things, applying new techniques to my business (and life in general). A couple of people have asked if I could recommend some reading material for them. I thought I’d start with the book that sparked my journey to self-employment.

In a Nutshell

In The 4-Hour Work Week, author Tim Ferriss essentially turns the idea of a regular office job on its head, disproving what we’ve been told since school; that you don’t, in fact, have to be chained to the rat race or selling your soul to a corporate overlord. Speaking from experience, he details how he went from working 80 hours a week to working just 4, while 12x his income.

His personal story is interspersed with helpful advice, useful thought exercises and challenges, and detailed processes he uses to maintain his lifestyle. The expanded version includes testimonials from readers who have put the processes into practise and are enjoying more balanced lives as a result.

I guess the question on everyone’s minds is “well – do you only work 4 hours a week after reading this book”? In my case, the answer is “no”… At least not yet! However it did change my way of approaching calculated risk-taking, and the “fear-setting” exercise was instrumental in preventing complete paralysis when I was retrenched from my “secure” day job earlier this year.

As the blurb quotes on the back cover, “whether your dream is escaping the rat race, experiencing first class world travel, earning a monthly 5-figure income with no management, or just living more and working less, this book is for you”.

I highly recommend it and you can buy it here.

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