#5: Kendra Dykman & the Business of Biokenetics

I met Kendra Dykman in a period of absolute desperation. I had a severe neck spasm from hours spent hunched over a computer keyboard and a simple Google search directed me to her practice.

Not only does she give one hell of a sports massage (a service I have come to rely on at regular intervals), she is a qualified biokineticst, calisthenics practitioner, yoga instructor and business owner.

I chat to Kendra about how she started off her business as a sideline gig, eventually quitting her day job to build her practice.

Enjoy the podcast!

Show Notes:

Quote: “The idea was “let me try and build up a client base on the side…” but I was never finding enough time for my own client base… I had (sic) to make that decision that this is my finishing point and I need to focus entirely on my own business.”

Quote: “It wasn’t as easy or smooth or comfortable as I had hoped.”

Quote: “Making that jump made it easier to actually build and grow my business.”

Quote: “The three years of frustration showed me how a practice should be managed for me and it’s been a lot of putting systems in place that suit me…  I’m a lot more streamlined and can focus on what I’m good at.”

Quote: (On billing automation) “It keeps me detached and focused on my job rather than being the debt collector.”

Quote: “I like to be holistic and I like to equip my patient with a homework program that they can use and be able to take care of themselves moving forward so they don’t have to rely on me the whole time; which is a limitation in my opportunity to make money but it’s in the better interest of the client.”

Quote: (On Google My Business) “The more effort and energy we put into doing all that background stuff, the more people would find us in other ways.  It gave us a little bit more credibility when people found us online.”

Quote: “I don’t feel like lack of equipment should be a valid excuse.”

Quote: “I think people should look forward to Mondays. If you can look forward to Mondays I think that’s a good sign of success.”

Quote: “Don’t get complacent and be consistent in putting yourself out there and maintaining your network.”

Link: World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation Academy Instagram

Find out more about or get in contact with Kendra via her website, Facebook page, the Defianz Calisthenics Instagram account or check out her YouTube channel.

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