#7: Warren Ho & the Business of Self-defence

This week, I snapped up the opportunity to sit down and chat with Warren Ho of WarrenHo.net.

Starting out his career in the corporate world, he left a high-earning, stable job to follow his passion for Martial Arts, self-defence and personal development. He’s seen some tough times but has overcome them with grace and humility, proving that you don’t have to be cut-throat to make it in the self-employment space.


Show notes:

Quote (on working in the corporate sector): “It was soul destroying”

Quote: “The time I told my wife I was resigning, she told me she was pregnant”

Quote: “I think following your passion is one third of the way.  You’ve got to love what you do and that’s the passion part. But at the same time you’ve also got to be good at it… And the third part is there’s got to be a need for it.”

Quote: “I was not bringing in any income and it was so desperate that I was like “OK, I’ll do anything…””

Quote: “For the first 2 years I was sitting at home pretty much alone… Yes, you have to have discipline, number 1.  But number 2, you get lonely sitting in front of a computer.”

About WarrenHo.net

Using his extensive knowledge and experience of the martial arts, combative, health and healing modalities, Warren has condensed his wealth of knowledge into various martial arts, self-defence and lifestyle programs and services that he markets under his brand, “WARRENHO.NET”.

His thirst for constant personal development has led him to explore, engage and ultimately elevate his whole-being so that he can serve others, helping them to unlock their potential to live a fully-engaged life. It is his vision to make the world a safer, healthier and happier place.

You can find Warren on his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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