#10: Adrienne Milner & the Business of Real Estate

When I bought my house 9 years ago, not once did I think that I would, one day, interview the estate agent who’d sold it to me for my podcast on small business. How funny life turns out!

By the time she was just 20, Adrienne Milner had had 3 jobs and started 2 businesses. Founding her own estate agency in 1991, she has seen a lot of evolution in the industry and the business world as a whole.

Chatting with her during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, we discuss the relevancy of formal education, why you should build the business you want, whether that’s a small, 1-office agent or a large multi-national brand, why networking in any form is the lifeblood of your business and the advantages of specialising.


Show Notes:

Quote: I knew that I had to learn because I didn’t have a university education and I didn’t have a lot of skills.  I had to believe in myself.

Quote: People will build your business.  The more people you know, they will recommend your business.

Quote: You just have to adapt.  People don’t like change. The worst thing you can do in business is say “we’ve always done it this way”.

Resource: Brian Buffini

Resource: Tom Ferry

Resource: Business Doctors

About A. Milner Realty

Founded in 1991, A Milner Realty’s #1 focus is on helping people find homes. Believing that clients are “people who need to be cared for”, she can be found going the extra mile for house hunters in Roodepoort and Randburg.

You can find Adrienne on Facebook, her LinkedIn business or personal pages, Twitter, Instagram and her web-based contact form.

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