#11: Trenton Stander & the Business of Knife Making

Megamalist Podcast episode 11 Trenton Stander

Trenton Stander is potentially one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Super passionate about everything outdoors, he’s been a bushcraft instructor for many years. After a stint as the South African brand ambassador for Swedish knife maker, Morakniv, he’s now running his own business, crafting amazing one-off knives.

We chat about his training in an anti-poaching unit in the Western Cape, his struggles with epilepsy, and his organic approach to marketing, using social media to build a community around his brand.


Show Notes

Quote: “I said to him , “I’m willing to work to you for free to expand upon that knowledge”… That’s basically how I started out.”

Quote: “Mindset for me has always been a very big part of the picture. How you see yourself in the situation you’re in and we can either be upset about it or be worried that we’re not going to get out of it OK, but we control what we can and for the rest of it we have to stay positive and try our best.”

Quote: [About living with epilepsy] “I think the more open you become about it and the more you help people understand why it happens, they become a lot less scared of it and a lot more understanding.”

Resource: Simple Little Life

Resource: Alec Steele

Resource: Korn unplugged cover version of Creep (Radiohead)

About Trail Tracker Survival

If you’re looking for the skills and blade-equipment to make it in the outdoors, Trail Tracker Survival has got your back.

Founded and run by Trenton Stander, Trail Tracker Survival offers courses in Bush-craft and Survival, in addition to creating custom-made knives across a range of applications, from hunting to the outdoors and kitchen.

Follow / get in contact with Trenton on Instagram or Facebook.

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