#12: Innocente Burger & the Business of Performance

Innocente Burger boasts 20 years of business experience in various disciplines, including psychology, human resource consulting, organisational development, internal communications, customer service, project management and marketing.

This is a seriously insightful conversation filled to the brim with practical insights which can be applied to businesses of any size, in any industry. If you are a business owner, I’m positive that you will take away something seriously useful from this discussion.


Show notes

Quote: [About adapting goals during a crisis] “Rather be certain about a week, and get through that week, than try and be certain about 6 months and lose it.”

Quote: [About remaining agile during a challenging period] “There is a big place for self-reflection and understanding your why for your business… If you have your why, it gives you energy and resilience.”

Quote: “It is most critical that as a one-man-band, you have culture for your business.”

Quote: “We need to move from task-based work to outcomes-based work.”

Resource: Second Firsts (Christina Rasmussen)

About Perform Forward

Perform Forward aims is to optimise employee engagement and experience by ensuring that organisational strategy, culture, leadership and performance management systems are aligned to provide employees with an opportunity to show-up at their best in organisations.

You can contact Innocente via her Linktree, which includes links to her website and all her social media platforms.

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