Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Copywriter

Here’s a hard truth for you… If your marketing is not gaining traction, copy is probably not your biggest problem.

Granted, the tone you use, the specific words you choose, and the way in which they’re leveraged to engage your audience all count for something. But even writing by the most brilliant wordsmith ever born can still fall short trying to convince customers to buy.

It’s easy to blame a copywriter for failing to deliver a sale. But a copywriter is one of the last steps in a very long line of strategists and creatives you rely on to convince someone to purchase your product.

Before throwing the copywriter under the bus, re-look at your entire sales and marketing strategy and collateral, including:

  • Your brand and customer persona (yes, you do actually need these)
  • The design and UX of your website (no one buys from a site that looks like it was launched in the same year as the internet itself)
  • Your brand and marketing graphics, including basics such as your logo (WordArt? Clip Art? Um, ja, I probably wouldn’t buy from you either).
  • Your social media posts (are you trying to build a relationship with your audience by engaging with them, or just hard-sell your product?)

A good copywriter can plug holes in any of these channels and, as God is my witness, we can pretty much work miracles. But even the best of us can only build on the base we’ve been given by those who came before us in the chain of content creation while sticking within the framework of the overall strategy.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

– Overused (but true, I guess) cliche

Words are the final piece of the puzzle when creating content that aims to produce a sale, but this process starts long before the copywriter gets involved. If your content is not producing an ROI, go back to the start and evaluate whether something as simple as your logo is turning people off.

If not, then perhaps it is time for a new copywriter…

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