#13: Renate Jute & the Business of Optimisation

Renate Jute has been actively involved in the financial field for over 20 years. During this period she started 2 businesses, one of which grew to be regarded as the largest Trust Accounting firm in South Africa.

Renate now uses her experience in business, psychology, and coaching to create order from chaos, helping business owners optimise their resources. This was a super interesting discussion with someone who is light-years ahead of me on the IQ scale.


Show notes

Quote: [On optimising existing resources] “I call it the economy of movement. What do you have to put in to get the maximum result? It’s a cost-to-benefit exercise.”

Quote: [On cutting costs in a business] “It’s that knee-jerk reaction – they just want to cut… [But] it’s the right cuts. You can’t just cut for the sake of cutting.”

Quote: “People are so busy working in their business they never work on their business.”

About Noble Prosperity

Noble Prosperity helps businesses big and small grow beyond their imagination. Working with business owners, she optimises businesses by freeing up capital, implementing systems and ensuring the right people are placed in the right position.

You can contact Renate via her Linktree, which includes links to her website and all her social media platforms.

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