7 Reasons You Need a Copywriter

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. These days, it seems as though this tired old cliché is taken a little too literally. There is no denying that there is value in visuals, but what’s often overlooked is that the specific thousand words your picture is worth can still make or break your brand.

“You wouldn’t perform your own brain surgery, or represent yourself in a lawsuit, or service your own car. So why are you doing your own writing instead of outsourcing to an expert?”

– Megan D’Arcy

There is an art to writing to copy that connects, entertains, informs, and persuades. It requires creativity, thoughtfulness, research and a fair amount of general know-how. So, before you fob off the unique skills of the bespectacled, coffee chugging copywriter in favour of doing it yourself, take a look at the massive amounts of value a professional “Word Nerd” can deliver.

We give you back your time

Writing is time consuming. Editing is even more time consuming. Don’t even get me started on research.

Delegating these tasks to someone who is trained to tackle them with unbridled vigour will buy back large swathes of your day which you can dedicate to other worthwhile activities like networking, strategising, budgeting, or doom-scrolling while you sip your coffee.

We capture your essence

Perhaps you’re a fun-loving brand but your content is coming across blander than a boiled chicken breast. Or maybe you’re trying to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry but you come across sounding like a sociopath instead.

Copywriters have a knack of conveying the correct message to the correct target market, using the correct language, tone, and personality that optimally represents your brand.

We know everything* (*kind of)

When not writing, a copywriter generally spends their time reading (and therefore learning) about a lot of diverse subjects. Working with an array of clients in a variety of industries means we’re regularly exposed to different thought processes too.

We tend to have a breadth of knowledge on a large range of topics, which can be a massive plus for you as we can link seemingly unconnected subjects together, creating not only new perspectives on a topic, but potentially reaching new audiences too.

We write as though we’re your audience

You’re an expert in your field, but that doesn’t mean your audience is. Industry jargon that creeps into your content can be massive drawback in effective communication.

As we’re probably not in the same industry as you, copywriters are in the same position as your audience. We can structure your message so that it’s clear, concise, and easy to understand, resulting in a higher ROI.

We’re good at persuasion

An astrology nut once told me that “Scorpios can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you’re convinced you’ll enjoy the trip”.

A copywriter essentially does the same thing, except they convince people to like your brand, support your cause, or buy your product.

We know what works

Did you remember to create your META descriptions? Have you used the optimal number of characters while retaining necessary keywords for your Google ad? How about website text layout – have you structured it to deliver your key message above the fold at no more than a glance?

Every platform has unique writing requirements. It’s not just about knowing what these requirements are, but also how to leverage them in order to effectively interact and communicate with your audience. Copywriters work on cross section of platforms and know how to optimally structure content for each one.

We make you look good

Need a new angle on an overworked subject? Looking for different ways of saying the “same old thing”. Toying with a fledgling idea you think could revolutionise the market?

Not everyone has the ability to effectively convey an idea (no matter how ground-breaking or thought-provoking). Copywriters can take your initial thought and build on it in unique, creative ways. Plus, we do the work, and you get the credit.

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