#17: Lesley Callow & the Business of Personal Values

The life you lead today is the accumulation of every single decision you’ve ever made. But have you ever taken the time to work out why you make the decisions you do?

Lesley Callow has been coaching people in one way or another for the better part of a decade, helping them clarify what makes them tick so they are better equipped to make smart decisions that align with what they value most.

In my conversation with her, we discussed finding yourself, how business sustainability and flexibility go hand-in-hand, and learning how to say “no” to things you really should be saying no to.


Show notes

Quote: “Amazing things happen the minute you’ve worked out what your values are.”

Quote: “Sustainability in a changing world is key. Flexibility is absolutely key. The ability to pivot during this time has proven to be the #1 success factor.”

Quote: “Understanding how your business serves your market. Understanding who your market is. Understanding clearly the purpose of your business. And the purpose of your business is not “to make money”. It’s the purpose of your business from your clients perspective. Why are they buying from you and not your competitors.”

Quote: [About figuring out when to say “no” to something] “I can say yes to this, but is it going to serve me?”

Quote: “(To me) Success is anything that aligns with my top three values.”

Resource: The Values Factor (John Demartini)

About E2 Life Coaching

E² Life Coaching specialises in helping people get crystal clear on their values so that they can live life to their fullest potential.

Creating a unique action plan together, Lesley accompanies you on your journey of personal development and growth, and, ultimately, helping you achieve your goals.

Connect with Lesley on her website or Facebook page.

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