#18: Philip & Taryn Jones & the Business of International Compliance

Wouldn’t it be amazing if all companies in the world were aligned to the same standards – a level playing field regardless of your size, product or the service you offer? Imagine the positive impact on the workforce if every place of business had measures in place to ensure workplace safety (down to ensuring the chair you sit in is ergonomically suitable). Imagine that your suppliers delivered exactly what they said they would, every single time you interact. If every company in the world was taking measures to reduce its carbon footprint, perhaps we could even offset the impact of climate change! That’s exactly the thinking behind ISO (the International Organisation for Standardisation).

I chat with Philip and Taryn Jones of Jones Consulting, who go through some of the ISO basics and explain how this voluntary system has the potential to revolutionise the business world.


Show notes

Quote: “If you are able to standardise your business processes on an international level, then it eradicates this old concept of “third world countries” or “made in x country = rubbish”… ISO levels the playing field..”

Quote: “ISO standards are voluntary, [but] it allows you to do business overseas. It allows you to interact on a different level.”

Quote: “We afford our clients the opportunity to take it as electronic as humanly possible… We make it simple for them, we manage the system for them, and we try to differentiate by making it an easy system to implement.”

About Jones Consulting

Jones Consulting CC is a consultant and mentor providing services to small, micro and medium enterprises (SMMEs), public sector and large corporates locally and internationally. We design and implement customised methods to manage occupational health and safety, environmental and quality risks in a cost-effective manner.

Connect with Philip and Taryn on their website or find them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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