#20: Rui Pereira & the Business of Business Planning

Rui Pereira’s career has come full circle. From initially owning his own IT business to ending up as the head of IT for Africa and developing countries for pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, he returned to self-employment in 2017. He now puts into practice the business principles he’s learned in the previous two decades, all in an effort to help small business owners around the world create sustainable companies focused on helping their customers.

We chatted about the difference between entrepreneurs and business owners, the true objectives of networking, and honing your skills in the business arena.


Show notes

Quote: “An entrepreneur has a dream about a problem that he would like to solve for society in general and that dream comes from an early age.”

Quote: “Start asking questions. Start learning about things that you’re not sure of. Even if you think you’re sure, still go and learn. Go and ask people who are considered to be subject matter experts on what you need.”

Quote: “People are only limited by themselves. If you can get over the blockades that your mind puts in front of you, the world is your oyster.”

Quote: “The way to be a successful salesperson is not to tell people what your product or service can do for them, but how your product or service can help them.”

Resource: Tools of Titans – The tactics, routines, and habits of billionaires, icons and world-class performers (Tim Ferriss)

About Synergetic Interpretations

Synergetic Interpretations is a business consultancy service specialising in creating business plans which allow business owners to realise their entity’s full potential.

Synergetic Interpretations has engaged with SME’s in South Africa, the USA and Canada, focusing on the creation, implementation and integration of tailor-made business plans.

Connect with Rui on his website or find him on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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