#25: Megan D’Arcy & the Business of Creative Content

I was recently interviewed on a Facebook Livestream and I thought it would be a good idea to share that conversation with you here too.

I spoke about importance of relevance in the content you create, and then discussed how to make it creative at the same time (and why this was just as important as relevance).

Turns out that despite being the world’s biggest introvert (I mean, I’m a solo, freelance writer, for goodness sake), I love speaking about content and creativity!

A massive thank you goes out to Megan Kronberger of The Marketing Lifeline for giving me the opportunity to speak on her platform.

You can check out the original conversation here, and find out more about Marketing Lifeline and Megan on her Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Show Notes:

Quote: “From a marketing perspective, everything that we do has to be relevant. […] The best way to explain this is to think about a product; relevancy is the thing that is either directly or indirectly related to that product.”

Quote: “It all boils down to how well know you know your product, how well you know your audience and then how well you can find that sweet-spot between those two things in order to create demand for your product.”

Quote: “Social media has really changed how audiences consume their content and they don’t want to be seen as this mass market. […] You have to be communicating with your audience as specific individuals.”

Quote: “The more you are able to give freely, the more people will start trusting you. […] Content is a long-term strategy.”

Quote: “Creativity in your content is absolutely key. […] Creativity means you’re looking further than your own company or product for ways to inform and entertain your audience.”

Resource: Answer the Public

My intro / outro music was created by Joseph McDade

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