#26: Megan Kronberger & the Business of Marketing

Marketing is about more than simply slapping some cash behind a Facebook advert. True marketing runs much deeper and takes everything from your business model, overall product offering and target audience into account.

Already selling her toys to the public at the age of eight, Megan Kronberger was born to be a marketer. After building two decades of real-world experience, she’s switched her focus to educating business owners about the power of effective marketing.

We chat about everything an owner of a business should know, going back to basics, the power of consistency, quality vs. quantity, and target audiences.


Show Notes:

Quote: “I think business owners need to just really get to the bottom of what marketing is and not get caught up in Facebook advertising [or] whatever it may be that’s flustering them… There’s so much more to it [marketing].”

Quote: “For me, it [COVID-19] has actually helped us identify a world of opportunity out there. Being able to take our businesses globally and engaging with people from around the world on a daily basis.”

Quote: “There’s no hard and fast rule about timing… Marketing is not instant gratification.”

Quote: “Sometimes companies and businesses have too many offerings… It’s very important for [people] to just review what they are doing; which product is bringing in the most return… and focus your business and marketing and messaging around that.”

Resource: Start With Why (Simon Sinek)

About Marketing Lifeline

Distilling her strategic marketing expertise into basic, advanced and one-on-one training, Megan mentors business owners around the world, helping them to change their operational mindset to one of ownership, designed to produce the most effective long-term results.

If you’d like Megan to help you overcome your fear of marketing, connect with her on her website, her LinkedIn profile or follow her on Facebook.

My intro / outro music was created by Joseph McDade

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