#27: Tania Costantini Zimmermann & the Business of Joy

This is my first ever international interview!

I met Tania through a very random network of connections and the first time I spoke to her I knew I just had to have her on the show.

As a sound healer and energy practitioner (I hope I got that correct!), Tania has a unique collection of tools and methods designed to help her clients retune their natural frequencies to create more joy in their lives.

Now, before you write this all off as “woo-woo”, I invite you to think about stuff like your intuition or the most creative or productive part of your day and how integral it is to your running you business optimally – that’s what we chat about in this session.


Show Notes:

Quote: “It’s beautiful to see the change in the world as well, that having joy is suddenly more talked about and has become more acceptable and a lot more people are following that philosophy or approach.”

Quote: “The thoughts we think create our reality… and understanding that is so, so powerful, because you can really turn your life around in every area.”

Quote: “We live in a world of polarity, right… you need to experience it to know – you need happiness to know what unhappiness feels like; being healthy and unhealthy, love and not love… It’s just that sometimes in our society this polarity is too much in the sense of there is judgement involved, and a lot of times that judgement is what creates a lot of the problems.”

Quote (about the direction the business is developing): “Usually those kinds of things come about quite naturally. So, over the years I’ve had lots of different incarnations when there was a demand for certain things and also as I’ve lived in different places – different countries… I’m always pretty “in the flow” – I’m fluid with my offerings and what happened now with this program, but also everything that happened in the world this last year, I had to reinvent my business completely.”

Quote: “Personal energy and business energy are, of course, linked, especially if you run a small business, especially if you are a one-man or one-woman show that is super, super related. A lot of people seem to forget about the energy bit in their business… because the business is often done with the mind, with logic, and yet energy is such an important part especially when you work with people.”

Quote: “So many more people talk about that – successful business people talk about how they rely on their intuition. It’s definitely one of the skills people are really interested in developing and we all have that – it’s just a matter of tapping into it.”

About Rainbow Alchemy

As a Whisperer of Possibilities, Tania uses unique blends of life-affirming techniques to help hundreds of women all over the world reconnect with their divine feminine essence and realise lives of abundance.

Connect with Tania on her website, her LinkedIn profile or follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

My intro / outro music was created by Joseph McDade

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