#28: Tiffany Markman & the Business of Developing a Freelance Mindset

Whether you’re a freelancer, self-employed, the Big Boss or hold down a full time job as a 9-to-5 employee, the way the job market is currently evolving means that if you’re not leading yourself, you’re being left behind in the mediocrity of the masses.

I am once again joined by the uber smart Tiffany Markman to discuss why developing the mindset of a successful freelancer is imperative to every person in the world.

We chat about productivity and performance, how to spot opportunity, standing out in a noisy, oversaturated market and futureproofing ourselves. Tiffany shares four insights from her 16-year-long freelancing career that anyone can apply to their career path from today.


Show notes

Quote: “I teach freelancers and employees and one of the things I realised in 2015 was that, when it came to mentality and mindset, I was teaching them the same stuff.”

Quote: “The reason that a freelance mentality is imperative for the world of business regardless of whether you have any freelance intentions is because a freelance mindset is very “do-or-die”… We are totally and completely obsessed with what I call the client pipeline. In other words, what comes next after this job… The reason we do this and the reason we obsess about pipeline is that we don’t get job security – as freelancers there’s no such thing as job security. So the only thing we can work towards is income security, right? And income security and financial stability go hand-in-hand with a smoothly flowing client pipeline.”

Quote: “When you work for a company, if you have a shitty burnt-out day (or two or three), you can, like, phone it in, if you have to – you can half-arse it a bit. Yes there are KPI’s and performance reviews and team leader expectations and all sorts of people relying on you, but you can have two or three shit days and still get paid. With freelancers, that’s not the case. There’s no room for mediocrity. We get judged on our most recent work. That’s why I believe that if you are an employee and you develop a freelance mentality, what you are doing is futureproofing yourself in some very, very real ways.”

Resource: Don’t read this book – Time Management for Creative People. (Donald Roos)

Resource: Apple News+

Tiffany’s post-it-note goals:

About Tiffany Markman

Tiffany Markman spends 10 hours a day working with words. She is a writing trainer, corporate copywriter and public speaker who’s worked all over the world – coming face to face with messaging that ranges from the sublime to the absurd.  She’s been a happy, busy and highly opinionated freelancer for over 15 years. More importantly, she likes her coffee strong and black, her paragraphing short and tight, and her apostrophes in all the right places. 

You can find Tiffany on her website, Facebook (Tiffany Markman Copywriting & Training or Rockstar Freelancing for Real People), LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, or subscribe to her mailing list.

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