In a world that’s becoming increasingly impersonal &  automated, I believe the key to creating authentic communication is to remember who we’re talking to. Through my writing, I strive to create meaningful connections between people.

With a strong focus on creating relevant, relatable & consistent brand personality across clients’ digital platforms, Megamalist provides cost-effective freelance writing services for small businesses, large Corporates and Digital Marketing & Advertising Agencies alike.

The Team

Megan smiling while sitting at her desk with computer and coffee

Megan D’Arcy

Owner & Writer

A 15 year stint in the corporate world has gifted Megan with skills in the diverse fields of product management, account management, sales and marketing.

Combined with a broad general knowledge, insatiable appetite for information and quirky sense of humour, Megan is an versatile, innovative wordsmith with a specialisation in digital copy and content.

She has written for a wide array of industries including travel and tourism, technology and healthcare.


Megan’s Little Helper

“The powers of a man’s* mind are directly proportioned to the amount of coffee he** drinks” – Sir James Mackintosh

*woman’s | **she

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