Walking in Memphis

Put on your blue suede shoes

Knitting, a car battery and the “Big Five”

Photo disclaimer - these pictures were taken during a terribly unnecessary scrap-booking phase and are therefore weird shapes.  Apologies for the poor quality… Background info “A” My mother loves to knit - so much so that a few years ago she had to be treated for bursitis in her shoulder.  (For those without a medical … Continue reading Knitting, a car battery and the “Big Five”


In the last few months my life has been a lot like a spinning top that’s running out of speed - it’s still spinning but it’s starting to wobble and it’s just a matter of time before it falls over. To try and get it righted again action needs to be taken, so I decided … Continue reading Magoebaskloof

36 hours in Cancun

Working in the travel industry is not, unlike a lot of people seem to think, a non-stop holiday.  Over my time in the industry, travel perks have shrunk drastically and the actual “travel” part of the job has been reduced for many to the short walk between  desk and coffee machine. Early on in my … Continue reading 36 hours in Cancun

“MegGyver” and the pointless purchase

Growing up in the late 80’s / early 90’s I was completely obsessed with MacGyver.  I remember how the family used to gather in front of the TV at 7pm on a Friday night to bask in the glory of that spectacularly high-IQ’d mullet-sporting secret agent. While I remember bits and pieces of things “Mac” … Continue reading “MegGyver” and the pointless purchase

Lessons from Colombian Border Control

I parted ways with a client at the airport in Rio de Janeiro.  We had been in Brazil to meet with our Brazilian tour supplier and perform the dreaded “hotel inspection” in about 50 hotels throughout the city.  In the small amount of free time we had we managed to get down to Copacabana Beach, … Continue reading Lessons from Colombian Border Control

Sabie – part 2

After the drama of the journey to Sabie, things started to look up. The relaxing part of the holiday had finally begun as we made camp and cracked open our first drink.  We were planning on spending the majority of our time under our brand new gazebo and  set up our gear here accordingly.  Chairs, … Continue reading Sabie – part 2

Sabie – part 1

Ever since I was really young, my family has always taken the road less travelled.  I mean this in the most literal sense.  Whenever going on holiday, while the rest of Johannesburg was queuing in traffic down the N3 to Durban, we would take the route via-via, taking three times as long to get there, … Continue reading Sabie – part 1