Walking in Memphis

Put on your blue suede shoes

The Secret to Eternal Youth

I’ve always had a taste in music that hovers somewhere out over “left field”.  As far back as my teens, hanging out with one of my friends after school she would always bluntly ask “what are you subjecting us to today”?  Fast forward to present day, the question I get asked most by Mrs Megamalist … Continue reading The Secret to Eternal Youth

Welcome to Music Mondays

I love music.  There is no other way to state it but in that plain, 3-word statement.  I love music. No other medium is so widely and freely available around the world.  History is recounted through it.  Ancient cultures are kept alive through it. Political movements are based on it.   It's used in moments of … Continue reading Welcome to Music Mondays

Leave Out All The Rest

Insert CD into player Press play The scratchy turntable intro with its accompanying guitar riff hooks you before the rhythm section kicks in suddenly and blows out your tiny CD player’s 20 Watt speakers.  Mike Shinoda provides an introductory lesson to rap before Chester Bennington comes crashing in at the chorus.  You’re now officially working … Continue reading Leave Out All The Rest

Vinyl and the lost art of music listening

Music has always been a part of my life.  I spent the odd weekend with my grandparents when I was about 3 or 4 years old.  It all started out as fun and games but eventually the toddler starts to work on nerves.  They discovered that the easiest way to get me out of their … Continue reading Vinyl and the lost art of music listening


If you were a teenager in the 1990’s, there is a chance you would have had a run-in with Baz Luhrmann.  Not because you necessarily wanted to but rather his movies possibly made up part of the “film study” portion of your English class. His film style is… unique.  Weird and melodramatic they contain boatloads … Continue reading Sunscreen

Jared Leto

I’m usually pretty good at holding up one end of a conversation but something about interacting with someone recognisable makes turns me into my alter ego, “Bumbles”. Celebrity personalities make me morph from shy but mildly-charming conversationalist to creepy, incoherent stalker and as a result I’ve had many embarrassing run-ins with the famed over the … Continue reading Jared Leto