#RY Digital Badge DCC

Megan has a very thorough understanding of content range, efficacy and planning.  She has a great feel for online copy and good instincts, writing beautifully and creating engaging blog posts.  Her observance of best practice is very good and she displays a strong grasp of social listening and reputation management.
Wendy Shepherd
Head of Copywriting, Red & Yellow Creative School of Business

Megan is hard working, organised and knowledgeable and is always willing to go that extra mile.  Her creative writing skills combined with her out of the box thinking make her a leader in her field.
Zahedah Bhorat
Product Manager, Comair Limited

Professional and results driven is what comes to mind when thinking of Megan and any of our business dealings. I wholeheartedly recommend Megan as a key asset to any team.
Bianca Morais
Owner, Odyssey Sales and Marketing Consultants

Megan is determined and passionate about her work and has an invaluable work ethic. She is open to discussion regarding her product offering and always looking for new opportunities. Her creative writing skills are certainly an asset to enhance the marketing of her ever popular portfolio.
Rebecca Bryer
Sales Manager, Comair Limited

Megan has always been very passionate about what she does and any new project receives all her focus and motivation. From all the years we’ve worked together, she’s always been very keen to do things for our company, doing her best to go above and beyond what’s expected.
Paola Gamboa
Product Marketing Specialist, Crillon Tours