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Every Niche. Covered.

Not all digital copy is created equal.

Copy, content, and UX writing are individual disciplines, each with their own set of rules, requirements, and specific nuances.

With two decades in sales, marketing, writing, and product and account management, I can guide you through the minefield that is digital writing with fit-for-purpose content that persuades, engages, and guides.

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Convince your audience to make a purchase, click on a link, donate to a cause, or schedule a consultation with persuasive writing.

Get customers clicking with Google and social media adverts that target all the right SEO keywords.

Showcase your brand’s authority with thoughtful and engaging long-form content.

Increase awareness, develop customer loyalty, and keep your audience engaged with interesting blogs, organic social media posts, helpful website content, and attention-grabbing scripts.

Content Writing
UX Writing

Guide your users through a task, process, or interface with clear, concise, and intuitive instructions.

Make your product effective and accessible with effective microcopy that places user-experience (UX) front and centre.

Stuff People Say About Me

“Megan has a very thorough understanding of content range, efficacy and planning.  She has a great feel for online copy and good instincts, writing beautifully and creating engaging blog posts.  Her observance of best practice is very good and she displays a strong grasp of social listening and reputation management.”

Wendy Shepherd Red & Yellow Digital Badge - Digital Content and Copywriting accreditation

“Megan has such a brilliant way with words. Exceptional service! I can always turn to her for advice and guidance. She is super efficient, professional and highly experienced. She goes above and beyond the call of duty for her clients and anyone she works with. Her input is valuable and carries a lot of weightContinue reading “Veroni Dicks”

Veroni Dicks

“Megan certainly has a gift and talent for wordsmithing. She manages to word copy in a way that is relatable and that sells the concept. I will be forever grateful that Megan took the word stuff off my hands so I could focus on figures and data. Thanks Megs for going the extra mile, andContinue reading “Renate Jute”

Renate Jute

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