Struggling to find the right words to market your product or service?

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Digital copy


Beautiful, responsive web design, inspiring images and SEO friendly coding provide an important base for your website.  Ensuring that your message is conveyed clearly and concisely with great copy will not only help your audience find you online but keep them on your website longer.

Business blogging


Consistent, fresh content is not only important for your SEO, but allows you to demonstrate expertise in your field.  Become a thought-leader in your industry with a business blog.

Social media strategies and content


Make sure you’re in the same space as your audience.  Use social media to increase brand awareness, build engagement with your current and potential clients and drive traffic to your website.


Google Ads


You’ve done everything right at an organic level and you’re ready to put money behind your online advertising.  Get there with relevant Google Ads that will catch your audience’s attention.

Email marketing


Get your message directly into your audience’s inbox with an email marketing campaign that encourages click-throughs, database subscriptions and purchases.


Words are not just for writing!  With over 700,000 Podcasts available online (with more going live every day), you can reach and grow your audience via this amazing audio format.  From interviews to product reviews, Megamalist is on hand to record and edit your sultry voice!

Other Stuff

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About Me

My ceaseless quest for knowledge
has provided me with a wealth of
experience in a cross section of job
Combined with my out-the-box
thinking and creativity, I can offer
a unique perspective in content
and copywriting.