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Writing stuff your customers want to read

Writing is hard

Content needs to be long enough to convey the value you provide, but short enough for people to consume without losing interest. It needs to speak to the masses, but make each individual feel as though you’re speaking directly to them.

Writing is complicated, time consuming, and if it’s not done correctly, it can confuse your customers which impacts sales.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just…

Tell me about your brand,

tell me about your customers, &

let me write simple, clear messages

that convey your awesomeness?

Credentials ‘n Stuff

Megan smiling while sitting at her desk with computer and coffee

Megan D’Arcy

Owner | Writer | Consumer of coffee

Do you need a writer who not only has an understanding of digital marketing and messaging, but has an uncanny ability to string sentences together in optimal combinations?

Are you looking for a professional who worked in the corporate sector for 15 years, doing stuff like product management, account management, customer service, sales, and marketing?

Maybe you need someone who has a client list made up of marketing agencies and small business owners who rely on her to craft amazing messaging that drives engagement and sales?

Well then, to paraphrase Lionel Ritchie:

It is me you’re looking for.”

(PS. I also teach a flippin’ cool webinar on how you can boost your creativity, regardless of background, ability and industry.)

Stuff People Say

“Megan has such a brilliant way with words. Exceptional service! I can always turn to her for advice and guidance. She is super efficient, professional and highly experienced. She goes above and beyond the call of duty for her clients and anyone she works with. Her input is valuable and carries a lot of weightContinue reading “Veroni Dicks – Digital Apex”

Veroni Dicks – Digital Apex

“Megan certainly has a gift and talent for wordsmithing. She manages to word copy in a way that is relatable and that sells the concept. I will be forever grateful that Megan took the word stuff off my hands so I could focus on figures and data. Thanks Megs for going the extra mile, andContinue reading “Renate Jute – Noble Prosperity”

Renate Jute – Noble Prosperity

“Megan’s scribe sings!!! It flows, it’s professional, it’s full of life, it’s a sheer delight to read! It’s energetic!! And with this Megan is so professional, she does what she says and more. Her work ethic is professional and we loved how she met all her deadlines with perfect timing. She keeps wonderfully close tabsContinue reading “Sue Gulcher – Free Spirit Adventures”

Sue Gulcher – Free Spirit Adventures

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