Tayla Withers

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Megan for over a year. Throughout that time, she has consistently showed up as a strong writer, thinker, and team player. Despite being a contractor, she has become a part of our team.

Our work is very process-driven, has multiple rules and guidelines to consider, is feedback-heavy and complex at the best of times. Usually we give new writers a month to ease in – it took Megan a week. This is a testament to her work ethic: she dives in and learns quickly.

Megan is analytical and thinks beyond the words on the page to how the content impacts a customer and interacts in a space. She is brilliantly creative and is not afraid to push the boundaries; she’s helped us refresh our ways of thinking and doing. She welcomes all feedback and is honest and humble. Megan would be an asset to any team and business – she gets work done and then some. She’s self-aware and kind, and is constantly striving to meet the standards of our stakeholders (in this case, the world’s best universities, some with 800-year old legacies) – which she always does, without fail.