Creators & Consumers

Society can be divided into two categories – creators and consumers; and the survival of both are inextricably linked.

These two groups have a symbiotic relationship. Creators need someone to consume their work, while consumers provide the context against which most creators are required to produce. Based on the simple ratio of input vs. output, each of us has the power to decide where along the sliding scale between these two extremes we fit.

The quality of the consumption is determined by the quality of the creation

Many creators seem to feel they are superior to consumers, however we seem to forget that we ourselves need to consume in order to form new perceptions and ideas, to spot gaps and form creative solutions. Likewise, through the content we create, we have the opportunity to spark something amazing in those who consume our work.

Part of being a professional creative is the need to have someone consume what we produce. But it is our duty as creators to provide them with something worth consuming.

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