#15: Jackie Scott-Thomas & the Business of Tech Training

Cutting her teeth at a Hong Kong based technology company in the 1990’s, Jackie Scott-Thomas returned to South Africa with a mission – to provide others with the necessary software skills they required in order to keep up with the ever changing face of tech-development.

Our conversation took a turn for the philosophical as we discussed what it means to be human in an ever more digital world.


Show notes

Quote: “Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to teach. It’s been a burning passion and I think teaching is something that you’re born with.”

Quote: [On upskilling] “As a human being you can never have enough knowledge… when you stop learning you die… You can learn something from anyone at any time if you are open to it.”

Quote: [On marketing during Covid-19] “Marketing has been such a key important aspect of staying afloat.”

Quote: [On tech vs. humanity] “We still have a choice whether to give it over to technology or keep some things handmade and man-made.”

Resource: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (Robin Sharma)

Resource: Wabi Sabi (Beth Kempton)

About Comp-U-Train

Jackie Scott-Thomas specialises in private one-on-one computer soft skills training. A Microsoft Certified Trainer, she is able to assist with a wide array of MS programmes, along with a variety of other applications. Through her training, she not only wants to upskill those in need of computer assistance, but hopes to shine a light on all things “tech”, from getting to grips with your smartphone to understanding the “Internet of Things” (IOT).

You can find Jackie on her website and Facebook page.

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