#21: Kristine Tudhope & the Business of Productivity

It’s not every day you meet the “Chief Disruptor” of a company, but that’s exactly how Kristine Tudhope of UPvisor describes herself. Believing that productivity and profitability are directly connected, Kristine is on a quest to find new ways of doing things that will not only enrich the lives of solopreneurs and small business owners, but of the lives of graduates entering the workforce for the first time too.

In addition to running her own business, she holds C-suite positions at a start-up enterprise, is helping to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs, and has her hands full with her own continued learning and development. If you’re in search of how to best utilise your daily 24 hours, Kristine is the blue-print.

We chatted about keeping balls in the air, passion vs. skill, creating passive income, and I give her a mild heart attack as I explain how I handle my email.


Show notes

Quote: “Life is about seasons… Sometimes we need to focus on business, and sometimes we need to focus on family, and sometimes we need to focus on our development… It really is about what stage you’re in at a specific point in time.”

Quote: “Team is really, really important… I think if you are able to be in a position where you’re able to get the right people on board to make the business a success, then that makes a really, really big difference.”

Quote: “Purpose is where your passion and skills collide.”

Quote [on skill vs. passion]: “One of the starting points [is] to say, “What are you skilled at?” and then from there say, “ok cool, if that is what I’m skilled at, how can I leverage that to figure out what I’m passionate about”.”

Quote [about creating training for a passive income]: “You need to find a way to create something different… I think we so often try to create a service or create a training product because we want to and because we want the extra income, and it’s not necessarily to say that the market needs this or the market wants this. So, it is about figuring out how to talk to your audience very clearly. It’s about putting it at a price point they can afford.”

Resource: Email stacking method

Resource: Action coach

Resource: Michael Hyatt’s “The freedom compass”

Resource: Start With Why (Simon Sinek)

Resource: The 5am Club (Robin Sharma)

Resource: Redeeming Love (Francine Rivers)

About UPvisor

Working with micro-entrepreneurs and SME’s, UPvisor’s mission is to equip businesses to be profitable and productive.

In addition to coaching both start-up and established business, UPvisor is committed to “paying it forward” by enhancing the lives of students through their Upvisor Student Academy which teaches soft skills to graduates entering the workforce.

Connect with Kristin on her website or find her on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify, or YouTube.

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